I was born and raised in Colombia. My family and I moved to the States in my teens for security reasons. I began my career as a high school janitor but taught myself to design and code while going to school for Business. I now work as a Staff Designer for LinkedIn and I was an early crypto-asset investor. When I am not creating digital things, I like making music (guitar, piano, and ukulele), Latin dance, calligraphy art pieces, and illustrations. I also like making art with moss.

I am also a strong advocate for marine life conservation (I am PADI certified Advanced Diver) and accessibility and inclusivity - I have a technical accessibility specialist certification (WAS) from The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).

Current Interests

I am really into anything Design Systems, decentralized autonomous systems, crypto assets (#crypto Class of '14), Web3, metaverses, NFTs, behavioral economics, machine learning, 3D design, and XR.