• Instagram face filter

    Made a few face filers (effects) for Instagram. You can play with them on your Insta by giving it a click ⬆.

  • Skull AR

    Playing around with illustration and Augmented Reality.

  • OSKRHQ.DS 2.0

    This sandbox showcases my Design System's architecture and consumption of Design Tokens which I use for all my projects like this portfolio.

  • Emotion recognition

    An app that recognizes face gestures and displays the corresponding emotion using Machine Learning and the browser.

  • Cam-aleon

    An app that takes any color shown to the camera and colors a little chameleon I drew using Procreate.

  • Pokemon game

    A Pokemon cards game app I created using Vanilla Javascript and CSS Custom Properties. Wanted to build it without any UI Frameworks.

  • Design debates

    A democratic approach for when you can't decide which design solution is best. This app let's you show two designs for light targeted feedback.

  • Meeting cost calculator

    A calculator react app that estimates the cost of a Design meeting in dollars.

  • Sound activated illustration

    An app that uses sound to display different parts of an illustration I made. The loader it is, the more you see.